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It Would Be Laughable.


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A woman lies dead in a dustbin for 3 weeks.


Each Friday the binmen come. But the bin is too heavy and so, they leave it. They don't think to look inside to see why it's so heavy. They don't even think it's a bit wiffy. No. Health and Safety says if a bin is too 'heavy' they don't have to pick it up. Now forgive me if I'm wrong but I would have thought being a dustman doesn't require too many requirements. A good strong back perhaps (but then again the bins are on wheels so it doesn't need to be that strong surely?) and the ability to pull a bin onto the lifter thingy, so the machine can empty it for them. But no, Health and Safety means if it's too heavy (do they carry scales and what constitutes too heavy?) so they leave it.


So this poor woman's body stayed in a bin for 3 weeks until some animal or something knocked it over and a neighbour spotted a hand. Meanwhile, The German suspect has a good 3 weeks to make his getaway to wherever in Europe he has flitted off to.


Mind you, it's probably just as well they didn't look in it. It was bound to be the 'wrong type of rubbish' and they would have had to leave it anyway.

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