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1966 World Cup

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Looking at the highlights of the game after seeing the members of the squad getting given winners medals something struck me which hadn't before. Some of the defending in that game was complete shite.

The first three goals are all down to pitiful defending (notably from Ray Wilson for Germany's opener) and the fourth was a goalmouth scramble which we should have cleared.

Couple of other examples on this...

http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/i...als/8093707.stm (that'll only work in the UK I think)

...complete England cock-up at about 3.40 and then the defence backing off and backing off Seeler (in true Everton style :rolleyes: ) inviting a shot at 4.20.


Funny how history works. If we'd have lost the defence would have been ripped to pieces for years :) .

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England 0 West Germany 1

A poor headed from the defender that meant that a goal was inevitable. Nowadays that ball would have been headed well out of the box or at worst out for a corner, in 2009 an error like that would result in a substitution. I have to question to goalkeeper too, Banks seemed to get down slow to that ball and it didn't look like a good shot :mellow:


England 1 West Germany 1

The free kick was taken quickly and the defence didn't seem to cope with the cross. A free header for Geoff Hurst was asking for a goal and the keeper is left standing. Another poor goal to concede considering that this match is between the two best teams in the world.




England 2 West Germany 1

Once again the German defence fail to clear, a slice like that in their own penalty box was going to lead to an England goal. The defender on the line is beaten along with the goalkeeper and its another mistake that leads to a goal.

England 2 West Germany 2

Scrambles like that shouldent happen. It's not as bad as the previous goals but if that happened in todays game questions would have been asked. A decent goal from the Germans but one which England could have prevented had they cleared the ball.


England 3 West Germany 2

The goal that never was, nothing that West Germany could have done differant other than maybe getting a block in, this is probably the first goal in the match that was decent. The commentator makes me laugh when he says 'And the Germans go wild to the linesman - who can only speak Russian and Turkish' :lol:


England 4 West Germany 2

Hurst jogged the pitch in that move! Great goal that one, the most important goal that anyone has ever scored for England.

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