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Tevez Leaves

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He is not even close to being worth £25m. You can see why he endears himself to the fans but at the end of the day the end product is just not there. IMO he is like a South American Andy Johnson. Runs his socks off but cant score. He is a better playe obviously, i'm not trying to compare there talent, but there style of play and contribution to the team is similar.

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Is it me or is this being owned by a third party or company thing just plain fucking crazy. Uefa and Fifa should get there acts together on signings and either set a transfer cap or if you want to pay the dough then money up front end of. And if there is an argument there that all the top teams can pay the cash, well in the main that isn't happening anyway. So many add ons, instalments, extras etc etc. christ it's like paying for a new car on HP. Total shite.

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