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Millenium Posts Milestone


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Dear Admin...haha i wont be that posh!


Can i make a small suggestion please? Once someone hits the landmak 000's, can we have some sort of recognition? Maybe a star above the avatar pictures (similar to that found above the international kits for World Cup winners?)


I know its petty, but i thought it would be quite cool, to get something as a loyalty and contributers to the site?


If you tried and tested something similar before i do apologise.


I recognise that underneath the DP is where the number of posts leads to names i.e Toffe Lady, reserve team player etc. Which personaly i think is a realy smart extra.


Again i was thinking that at every 1000 landmark, there was something to distinguish posters.


So yeah thats me done, respond when you can.





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How come when i look at my Posts it shows over 10.000 Posts, but look at my profile and its well short, I think everybody is the same.


Louis -- 6.550 .......... 4.800

Mark -- 14.875......... 14.173

Mike -- 10.947......... 10.166

Bill ---- 10.505.......... 8.433 - Not much difference on some but a lot of difference on others.


Why should this be so.??

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