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English Defence League - Everton Branch


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I dunno if this is the right place to put this but I came across this on Facebook:



English Defence League - Everton Branch


Now without getting too deep into the politics of it all, as far as I'm concerned the EDL are a shady bunch of anti-muslim BNP supporters who have already caused trouble in London, Luton and Birmingham, and Casuals United are an even shadier bunch of thugs with a right wing agenda. I dunno about anyone else but I am NOT in anyway happy for our club to be associated with this bunch of clowns, especially as it looks like no one who supports/is involved in the club has set this group up, its all come from the Casuals United website. They even claim to use Goodison as an office ffs!


If anyone is in support, I'd like to get a petition going to shut this slur on our great club down. We've well and truly left the dark old days of being labelled a racist club behind, let's not get dragged into the dirt again by these tossers with an agenda most honest Blues I'm sure don't support

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Truly is sad this is, but thanks for the warning Nogs. Let's hope other sites (yes, I'm looking at you Kipper/NSNO) will take appropriate action, and will NOT encourage them in anyway.


The BNP scum are targeting Muslims as they believe Muslims are an easy target, especially with the current media agenda against them. It's sad, but it's also the sign of an dark era which should never be allowed to loom forward.

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