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  1. I must admit, for the second time Pro Evo will stay in the shops as Fifa10 is the simulator I've been waiting for. Still rough around the edges, but crucially is far better online while the Pro Evo demo suggests Konami have abandon their loyal (including me) fanbase and have made their game too arcade like. Kudos EA!
  2. Pro evo 2010 demo is out tomorrow, as it's decision time whether it's Fifa or Pro. I've been Pro seen it's emergence on the SNES, but from 2008 I've been playing Fifa as Pro have dropped the ball. Decisions, decisions..........
  3. After quitting Chelski Peter Kenyon said there is one major challenge left in him, could that be Everton?
  4. Firstly I apologise if this is in the wrong place, but I just heard from several different fans that Rodwell has been sold secretly to United for 20 million, and will sign next summer. What stopped me from dismissing it out of hand was the erring details of the deal, and the similarity between this alleged deal and Rooney's, also to United. Again I apologise, but I'm so stunned I had to post this so inevitably somebody will tell me it's total rollocks!
  5. http://www.gametrailers.com/video/top-10-screwattack/55604 The Dreamcast is ten years old, yet I remember it's release like it was........ er ten years ago. Anyway here is my favourite top ten games on the system for old times sake: 10. Cannon Spike 9. Street Fighter 3 - Third Strike 8. Sega Soccer 2000 7. Ikuruga 6. Resident Evil 1 & Code Veronica 5. Power Stone 1 & 2 4. Capcom vs SNK 1 & 2 3. MSR 2. Soul Calibur 1. Marvel vs Capcom 1 & 2 And yes, I hated Shenmue.
  6. I was debating between TMNT and Space Harrier, but Harrier won it as it still holds special memory's. Double Dragon was too naff, Streets of Rage was much better.
  7. Speaking of Doom, let me present (again for self vanity) my arcade top games games of all time. Arcade games meaning games that came to the arcades long before consoles were invented: 10 - Afterburner (still remember that giant chair) 9 - Marvel vs Capcom 8 - Ikaruga (many coins were lost in that machine) 7 - Altered Beast 6 - Outrun 5 - Time Crisis 4 - World Cup '90 (got to the semi final, so close on one credit) 3 - Space Harrier 2 - Soul Calibur 1 - Street Fighter 2 New Zealand story narrowly misses out, was a favourite on my C64 though!
  8. Played two demo's recently, Ashes cricket and Batman Arkham Asylum. Ashes was wooden and slow, Batman got me rather excited but did remind me of a poor mans Chronicles of Riddick.
  9. Just out of pure self promoting here is my top ten favourite games of all time: 10 - Donkey Kong Country - SNES 9 - Mario Kart - N64 8 - Burnout Revenge - Xbox 7 - Mario Galaxy - Wii 6 - Devil May Cry 3 - PS2 5 - Grand Theft Auto/Vice City - PS2 4 - ISS Pro Evolution - PS1 3 - Half Life 2 - Xbox 2 - Resident Evil 4 - PS2 1 - Golden Eye - N64 Games like Bully, Gears of War, and Ninja Gaiden narrowly miss out, of course this is all my opinion so feel free to comment.
  10. Rodwell will be our current day Peter Reid, but I think he would not be any good at center back, not by today's performance anyway.
  11. You only delay the inevitable! Nothing can stop the apocalypse!

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