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Who Actually Started This Forum?


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and what were his objectives


Mikes answered the 1st part of your question but is too much of a gentleman to answer the 2nd part, so i will.

His objectives where to elect some Admin help and moderators, who would keep an eye on the forum to stop peeps like you continually posting Garbage. You have said many times that this forum is not what you wanted it to be, so why are you still here posting your Kindergarten topics, which 9 out of 10 have to be deleted.

I dont know if other mods have given you any warnings, but you can definately take this as one.

Stop complaining about this forum, and stop posting utter rubbish or you will be transported into outer cyber space, never to be seen or heard of again. :angry:

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mate just fuck off seriously i dont like bein a nobhead and swearin at people but you're really startin to fuck me off now with crap like this! you're makin this a less fun place to be around and this is about the only everton forum about that is any good and i actually enjoy comin on! please dont ruin it...

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