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A young couple and an old couple go to church to see the priest and explain that they would like to join the church.


The priest says "Well my children all you have to do to be welcome in the church is to go with out sex for two weeks"


Both the couples look at each other and think how hard can it be and off they go. Two weeks later the couples go back to church to see the priest, who is sitting waiting for them.


The priest says to the older couple "So my children how did you get on?"


The man from the older couple says "well in fact the first week was easy but the second week was very very tough but we just about managed it"


"well my children" says the priest "Welcome to the church"


Then the priest turns to the young couple and asks how they got on. The younger guy says:


"well the first week was fucking hard but just managed it, as for the second week!!!! basically I saw the Mrs bend over to get something out the freezer and her little skirt rose up and I could see her little pants and her tight bum, well…… I couldn’t help myself giving her one from behind!!!"



The priest says "Well my child you are not welcome in the church!!!!!!"



The guy looks up and says "we're not welcome in Tescos either!!!"

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