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Transfer window closes next week.


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If weve agreed fees then both will arrive i think:-


Nugent is a born and bred Everton fan who has already said it would be a dream to play for us!!


Etuhu was signed by Moyes and has also stated that Moyes was the best manager that he has played under!!


If we can't sign those 2 after them saying that then we are in trouble!!!!

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If we want to be taken seriously we have to move for someone like michael owen.


if we get a high profile hitman he will attract bigger gates and that will cover the cost.


baros was lpoops topgun last season. he would be a good buy.


i'm glad we didnt get bellamy. he's more trouble than he's worth.


there isnt much on the market and the top players will take a lot of persuading to move to Everton.


but only the best is good enough!

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we can get gravo to persuade owen to come here


Yea..but we got Carra, Stevie G, morientes even to make Owen come back.

Actually my source says that Owen wants to play for only 1 team in the premiership.

A team from merseyside.


Also, i hear the Rafa Benitez doesnt want Owen but most on the board do. Thats why i think we'll buy owen after we have offloaded Baros.


Back to Everton, i havent heard any toffee rumors off late. Strong ones. Hope you get over with your signings so that you can challenge for that UEFA cup spot this time round. :wub:

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Heard on radio city the other day that Cisse was going to Lyon and Owen in turn coming to Liverpool , after todays performance i suppose you'd let Lyon have Cisse ;) just kiddin mate :D


I'am under no illusiuons that Owen is out of our league just now , pity BK isn't .


Yes xavier no rumours linking us to players which is a shame but i'am holding onto the hope that no news is good news and not no news is no news , :unsure:

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