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Penalty Against Big Nev?


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Can't recall that.

He was sent off at QPR for handling the ball just outside the area, when Dave Watson, I think, headed the ball staright at him from about a yard. Rideout also sent off and we went 3-0 down before amazingly 'Jigsaw Barlow' pulled it back to 3-2 before they killed the game off with a late 4th. Sinton, got a hat trick, again I think.

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QPR was a desperate desperate place for us back then, was living in London and I went every year and checking the record on the stats proves it was as awful as I remember...


83/84 lost 2-0

84/85 0-0

85/86 lost 3-0 (sticks in the memory, three down at half-time with a world beating XI)

86/87 ray of hope 1-0 win

87/88 lost 1-0

88/89 0-0

89/90 lost 1-0

90/91 1-1

91/92 lost 3-1

92/93 lost 4-2 (that'll be the one you're talking Beard)

93/94 lost 2-1


Then I moved to the South West and so we won 3-2 the next season <_< .

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