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Sam Hutchinson

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Don't know what Chelsea's academy coaches earn but the realisation that he's now going to be making in a year what he thought he'd be getting every week must be a bit of a downer :( .


Tough break.

To be honest I don;t think he'll care about the money at all. Not being able to play football will kill him. at that age I don't think the money will have hit him that much, actually playing the game will have been the important thing.


A real shame becasue he looked a good prospect.

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joined them when he was 9 according to the fountain that is wiki...gutted for poor lad but fair play to chelsea..he's goin to uni to study sports science apparently

That's right yea. Chelsea apparently offered to pay for him to go to Uni to study anything he wanted, which would then be followed by him getting his coaching badges (if he wanted them) But apparently the stipulation in this offer was that he had to go to Uni first. Seems a sensible path really.

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