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Did anyone read this month's FourFourTwo magazine? It features an article about youth football and focused on the Knowsley International Football tournament . It had interviews with Everton's David Philpott and Martin Waldron - two scouts who focus on local schoolboy talent.


Waldron said that the standard isn't as good because kids prefer to play video games and many kids are obese nowadays.


Also.. one scout (from another club presumably) who didn't want to be named knew of an 8 year old kid who was paid £1,000 a month to be on a club's academy books and the club paid him through 'miscellaneous expenses' on the accounts.

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Not seen the article but Everton under 11's come over to a tournament where I live every year and frequently win it.


I went and watched them this year and was highly impressed at the way they played, for their age they play such a mature and intelligent game, they move around brilliantly always making themselves open for passes as well as being outstanding in defence, a couple of excellent lads playing at the back not letting anything past them.


They won the tournament, 12 games without conceeding a goal and there was definately a few players that you could see going places if they keep up the good training and grow well as they hit 14/15.


All in all just impressed at the way you could see Everton are running their accadamy from even the youngest boys.


I couldn't tell you any of their names unfortunately but if you get a chance it's well worth going along if their playing in a tournament near by, very refreshing to see such good football from youngsters.


Fulham and Southampton were also in the tournament as well as some local teams and a couple of other smaller English sides.

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Isn't there a rule about marketing unhealthy food and drinks to children of a certain age? If not a law then a PR guideline?


In UK clubs can't advertise tobacco on kits but can advertise alcohol but the Portman Group frown upon it and Everton made a play in the PR stakes as you pointed out by not having Chang on the children's kit. Oddly.. no one bats an eyelid over advertising gambling websites.

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