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How Did We Get Here?


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Before the season kicked off I actually thought we could do alright this season and finish comfortably outside relegation. Watching them play the other day it now seems to me quite a few players are afraid to express themselves and this worries me.


Come on guys, I still have confidence in you, now have some in yourself.... and quickly otherwise my pre season optimism will vanish completely! For all our sakes we just can’t afford to go down


Where do you think it has gone wrong?

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When the days go by...


I don't think we will go down. In my opinion one of the problems has been that any money that could have been used to invest in new players has been used to secure existing players on larger contracts.


And the new £9M Building.


I was quite excited for this season aswell tbh, but it was based on how well we finished last season. Alot of people said it at the start of the season, but our Pre-season has got to be more challenging, it doesnt really matter if we play Real Madrid and get beat 5-0, because the players will go back, analyse what they did wrong, and what they did right, but they will also be able to learn from the players they have played against. The only "challenging" team we came across were Wolfsburg. Our pre season almost turned into a bit of publicity stunt, with the whole Tim cahill in Australia thing, and the Everton Chille Scenario, which is great financially but in my opinion, didnt do the players any good at all. Dont get me wrong, it was Great for confidence building, but i think the likes of Arteta have waltzed into this season thinking he is a world beater. Thats why i personally think our start to the season has been poor.

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our start to the season has been poor because some players aren't playing well and moyes started with beckford upfront on his own in a far bigger league than he was used to so he was never gonna hit the ground runnin...now he is playing saha who is about as useful as a cock up the arse and they have both got 1 goal between them in a fair few matches now..moyes' negativity with his subs also costs us matches like waitin til the 82nd minute to change your shit striker! i think arteta's poor form is partly down to moyes' tactics cos i can't believe he would go from one of the best midfielders around to someone who shits himself moving forward 5 yards!


anyone who thinks that we will go down or even be close to the bottom is an idiot though in my opinion because this is the best side we have had in a long long time and when it clicks(and it will) we will be right in the thick of the europe hunt



(and we have big vic back soon!!) anyone who takes the piss shouldn't because if there is one thing the lad isn't afraid to do it is run at people and actually attack whether it's from the wing or upfront!

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Self-funding and will increase scope for match-day income once it's built.


Anyone who seriously thinks relegation is a possibility should get down the bookies because they'll be more than happy to take your money and give you 66/1.


Never new this, apologies.


I dont think we will go down though! whoever thinks that needs shooting. We have too much class in our team to go down, i just think getting a European place is going to be harder this year than its ever been.

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