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A Warning - Red Shite Attack!


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Hi, I normally lurk around here and just read things, but have decided to register today to give you’s a little warning. I have it on very good authority (a red shite fan at work who’s registered to the site I’m about to mention) that one of the liverpool forums are planning a little attack on this website. It’s being organised through private messages (which I have seen one of), the users on www.thisisnotanfield.co.uk are planning on spamming toffeetalk with porn and other material to cause trouble.


Their site, however, isn’t owned by them – it’s hosted by a free forum hosting site that is strictly against any kind of porn linking and general abusive material.


Was thinking it could be worth a little pre-emptive strike of our own against them. Register over there for free and give them a taste of their own medicine and fill the place up with all kinds of spam and stuff that breaks the terms of service, then report them to the forum hosters. Should scare the bin dippers off in their stupid little attack.

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