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am i bein really thick or isn't that a win by 1 run?

If the team batting first win then they win by the amount of runs they score more than the opposition did.....if the team batting second wins then they win by however many wickets they have left when they overtake the first team's score.

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ahh..why dont they just make it runs would be much simpler :lol:

Because the team batting second could only ever win by a maximum of six runs, which means you'd never get an idea of how close the game was. Winning by nine or ten wickets is a thrashing but if you only got the runs result you wouldn't know it.

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makes sense i guess mike...wouldn't think it mattered that much as long as you win though..not like there's a league table with goal difference is there?



Well in the World Cup's you are put into groups and that sort of thing comes into play then.


I imagine it comes into play with the ICC rankings too, but I have no idea if that is actually the case.

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