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Secret Footballer

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He's not very good analyst himself with the example of drogba, and there no need to be a man on the post, as chelsea tend to leave cole next to the post. If he means u don't need both posts covered, it would make more sense. Otherwise he's just counter-chatting shit.

EDIT: sorry posted in the wrong thread, was meant to be in the secret reporter

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I was thinking all kinds of names from Robert (the most inappropriate name in the history of soccer) Savage, to Edward Sheringham and then Dixon, usual radio or TV pundits, it's almost impossible to know exactly who is behind these things. Hiding behind anonymity isn't the way forward, we should ideally be aware who are behind reports and castigations.

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Guest Nikica

No, I read it yesterday, and it's far too well constructed for someone like Barton.


Barton's a faux-intellectual though. He quotes Nietzsche on twitter apparently LOL.

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