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Avatar And Sigs Threads - Merged:.

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Cloud can you edit the sig you did for me please?



I cant edit as i have deleted the file, i will make you another one mate! i will get it done for ya ASAP


sorry i aint replied i been away could u put cahill on it please  :D



No problem mate i will get that done for you ASAP

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Sorry for taking a while doings these, i havn;'t had a chance yet, i will get them done on the weekend, im very busy with coursework and wot not!


Will get them done, Fr,Sat or Sun! :D



Did you get my PM Cloud?


You must be up the wall mate :lol: I'm gona have to learn how to do this kinda stuff myself i can just about turn my PC on :unsure:

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alright ppl, right i dont mean to be cheeky or crap with comps but i am to both, dont know if the lads are still doing them but if you find time and feel really generious could you please make me a sig???



i'd really like the everton crest thats on the main stand the one on the side by the park end with tim howard kinda lookin up at it!!


the reason its tim howard is that im a goal kepper myself and my main interest in the blues has always been in the keepers, think we have one that finally comes close to big nev,


if you dnt get time dont worry just thought i'd ask


many thanks if you can sort it out for me




p.s. if ya can get it done before the zenit game i'll meet ya in the wimslow and get ya a pint for doing it, or a glass of coke haha cheers

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Can sum1 do me a signature of :


A pic of an everton player ( starting 11 )

A blue background with an everton badge also in the background if u get me

With it saying Jopo then underneath it say Everton F.C


Will be much appreciated if someone does it 4 me thanks

Let me know if you will do it 4 me :)

Edited by Jopo
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Guest Amb3r-3fc

Could Somebody Make Me A Sig Please?


Like a Blue/Light Blue background With A Really Nice Photo Of Tim Cahill On.

text-Everton Fc [on top line]

Amber [underneath]


Thank Youu x x

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