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If We Go For Emerton......

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There has been a few articles floating around concerning brett emerton, these have all popped up after Australia vs Brazil. If we go for him we should offer: Davies (cause hughes is welsh mad), Natsmith or Pistone. Emerton has proved pretty so/so as an attacking right mid, but really did well sitting back a bit under hiddink. A good move in my opinion (although i am australian) as we are heavy on the left and lacking on the right. opinions?


Davies + 3.5 mil for Emerton and Neil..............dream scenario

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yeah it was neil linked to barca and milan. mailny due to neeskens (australian assisstant) becoming the coach. plus he did well. emerton is a better player than davies i feel. And the point about cahill is true also he apparently has being puttig the word in for archie thompson (striker pictured in Everton strip singing after win over croatia). The guy is decent, played in asia and for PSV bit like Johnson really. dont know how much influence he has though....

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No i do take intrest in football in genaral its jst that i find it hard to remember starnge names like yossi benayoun lol


Edit: i think i no who he is lol, is he the one with long hair about up to his shoulders?

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