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Lets Hope We Can....

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As Toffeelicker said will he accept our wages????


If RM want rid of him I would hope that he would look to come back to Everton, but then again UTD are reported to be interested in him (UTD or Everton???)


he once said that he would only ever play for one club per country - and if he returned to a country it would be for the same club. therefore Everton...


But do we want him back now? Do we want to upset the apple cart when it has only just become steady again?!


Is it only me that can remember fans frustrating over some of his play and tactics - some of his mistakes....


A million miles away from crap but its just not the right time for us...

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I thought Grav's could blow hot or cold sometimes, and an inconsistency player is difficult to manage, you just don't know who is going to turn up. Fair enough last season up until January he we great every game. Did the fact he was on his last year of his contract have naything to do with it.


If I thought he would play like he did between last August and January then I would love him back, but I just don't know if he would perhaps have that same dire as he did in the mentioned 4 month period.

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