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Billy Ingham

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He's a regular at Goodison Park and doubtless interacts with a certain number of others at match-day experiences but the likelihood of one of those said numbers reading these pages (or indeed page) would appear minimal.


I suggest the best way forward is to proceed with some damn social network type objective. What I mean is, as it seems 97 per cent of the entire worlds population is wasting their time with pointless trivialities hooked into facebook or something, chances are Mr Ingham may also be an active participant. It's got to be worth an attempt.


Wish you well with your endeavors.

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Met him at half time by the bar behind Lower Bullens 5 at the Southampton game......lovely guy enjoying his celebrity; was taking time to shake hands and have photos done with anyone who asked. I don't know how to contact him but that might help with where.


He gave me a card, do you remember? A mate of his did some promotions company and it said something like,


"You have been visited by 'True Blue' Billy Ingham."


Seems a decent man.

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