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The Success Of Liverpool Since 2001

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May i ask an genuine question here from a Liverpool fans perspective towards Everton fans?

I dont mean this to provoke or anything just simply as a genuine question.

From the point of view of Evertonians, how has it been to see Liverpool win as many trophies as they have since 2001?

I know alot have not been happy about it but if Everton had of won what Liverpool have since 2001 i can honestly say id be delighted for them.

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I'm with mark but by the end of the game i wanted the shite to win because dispite what you lot think we aint bitter of you at all and i support all brittish teams in europe.


Now theres the little issue of AC being foung guilty of being involved in match fixing its nice food for thought!

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Why am i getting messages from the moderators telling me to more or less to watch myself?

I understand this is an Everton forum, but surely i can express my viewpoints/or ask questions to Everton fans from that of a Liverpool supporter without such warnings.

Ive said im not trying to provoke or cause any trouble.

Maybe the day will come when Everton/Liverpool fans can have proper and light hearted debates without it resulting in uneccessary warnings or being banned.

I live in hope  :rolleyes:



I PM'd you because your questions were extreamly close to argument provoking do you think we are that stupid not to spot when someone is subtley baiting their hook?


The fact that you have now brought this into the open forum rather than responding to me by PM tells me that you are looking for an argument. You are not going to get one today so play nice or fuck off.


Thank you <_<

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Why dont you just piss off back to your own Forum, this is an Everton forum not for the RS, and your askin Stupid Question which none of us are going to agree with you on!

G-O  A-W-A-Y!



There was no need for that now was there, he was just asking a question, he wasnt asking us to agree with him

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