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Oh Shit


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Today we had a double Audit.


Our company Auditor and the BAe Auditor.


Silly pedantic psycho ginger haired bitch of hell ........ Oops in my anger I may have said that out loud.


She didn't like the wording on a label (only temporary until the official ones arriveds ... So to drop myself further in the mire I marched over ripped it off the door with my bare hands and sliced the offending words off it. Then I gave the label to her as "A souvenir of your wonderful visit"


I could be in a spot of bother .... maybe.


Oh well they will be more careful in future .... Especially as she asked the manager who was in charge in the bay and he pointed at me ... "Him"


The bugga was laughing his cock off .... Pity he is not my manager.


I expect I will be in the shitty cupboard tomorrow.

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