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After last years booting out of Wimbledon, some drunken Fracas in germany during the World cup, good Arl Hoff is on the sauce again...!!!


From the Mirr & Scum....WE are used to seeing him in wet swimming shorts on the TV, but which star seemed to have a damp patch of a different kind when he turned up at an airport drunk?





Barred from a plane — for being DRUNK.


He had turned up at the British Airways first-class lounge in Heathrow at about 7am reeking of booze.


Passengers saw him PICK UP a shop manageress, STAGGER around and MUMBLE to people.


Staff told the 54-year-old actor — nicknamed The Hoff — he was unfit to board the Los Angeles flight and he agreed & was allowed on a plane two hours later but had to be carried there in a BUGGY meant for the elderly or infirm



C'mon Hoff even us feral ex-pat colonial type's wouldnt go that far...Yeh we would Piss our pants reguarly...but Would crawl on broken bottles before being buggied...!!!


Hoff was then quoted as calling his wheelchair Kit before attempting to fondle some further tasty airline crumpet & of course like any good drunk...Denying it all later & having no recollection of events.



Hoff's always been a fave around these parts, as we love a Foooool....( target fodder there)


However (& to Ian), if this persists I dunno about you, but Im gonna have to hand in my Hoff fan club badge & turn them leather jeans in to the slinky Pat sex God Thong thingys me Gal's been keen on me doin fer ages....!!!

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TT has a unhealthy obsession with the Hoff, its been going out for a year or so now (I am ashamed to be one of the main people gettin Hoff onto your screens, along with Pat and a few others :D )


Anway I'm not taking part any more, im getting a cold and im hoffing like mad so im off to the hoffy for some guiness, its good for colds isnt it?



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