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Crosby Beach !


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Yesterday me and the Mrs decided to go for a curry in South Rd Waterloo and dare i say it a couple of sneaky jars in the process .


After a couple of extra cold Carlings ( topping up from the night before ) soft ar5e here has the bright idea that we should '' go for a walk on Crosby beach '' and watch the sun set .


Unfortunatley once we'd gotten out of The Raven it had gone dull but we decided to have a nice walk on the beach anyway and watch the '' clouds set '' ?????


Getting very brave i decided to take my trainers off and walk bare footed in the sand and everything was going fine until we walked up to the concrete promenade and i stood on a fookin big piece of broken glass ( probably from a bottle of 20-20 that some pre pubescant tw@t had discarded ) .


Suffice to say that last nights beers dulled the pain but my foot is hurting like a b@stard today and all those people that tell you Crosby beach is cleaner than ever are talking complete and utter sh!te . :angry:

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Do they still have those sculptures in the water?




Yeh they're still there mate and yeh ian they are fookin stupid especially when covered in turds , johnnys and RS scarfs .

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