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Tt Pro Evo 5 Tournament


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How much can you get PES5 for?

I'm waiting for 6 for my 360, but if I could get a cheap copy of 5 I'd give it a go.

Is iit compatible? Do you have a headset for normal xbox live?




www.play.com have it for £18 with a 12 month membership code for xbox live (on it's own worth £40).


My xbox was chipped too and it ran xbox live, I had an executer 3 chip and I can choose whether i wanted to boot it with the MS dashboard or Evox one. :)

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whats everyones pro evo 5 ranking




Problem for me is i'am a PES 5 nut on the PS2 and think i may be a rather dab hand aswell as a statto that must keep the game continually up to date with all the latest transfers and kits etc etc .


Me and my Mrs went to Greece for a week in JUne and this bar had a PES tournament on , she went off her tats when i entered myself cos it was on our penultimate night out but out of 80 competitiors thsi fine chappy came 1st beating some Portugese lad 3-1 in the final .


Free drinks for me and the Mrs all night long ensued and i forever gained her gratitude as well as a few humble apologies .


Happy days ( in the wise words of Tuffers ) . :D

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PS3 are being quoted at £500 on play for a I think 60 hard drive and maybe a game or 2.


Would love a PS3 but never going to pay that amount of money for one. Won't pay £300 for an xbox360 so won't pay nearly double for PS3


I like the look and feel of the WII which is due out this year. The controllers are meant to be interactive with hand movement which could be fun. Graphics don't look as good but at prices meant to be about 150-200 might be worth a shout.


Got my PS2 and Xbox which keeps me happy along with my PSP. Just sold my DS as didn't play it and also got my pc and Gamecube.


Plus also with the fact just brought a new house misses might kill me if spend £500 on PS3


Don't have xbox live. Never thought about having it as thought it would be a waster of money unless you are always on there.


I do play wireless on PSP though and thats a great laugh

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