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Did Anyone See......

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The game between Southend and Swansea this morning. (sunday)

Cos If you did, dont tell me its not worth taking a chance on Lee Trundle.

Some of the play from him wouldnt have looked out of place on the pitch with ENGLAND and ARGENTINA. he was that good.


Interviewed him after the game and said he used to stand on gladys st, mad evertonian and it would be his dream to play for the Blues. I know hes 29, but said he didnt sign pro till he was 25 in four years since playing league footy has scored over 100 goals, already on 16 this season,and not even halfway through yet.!! got a sweet left foot, and the ballskills of Duncan Mckenzie.

I would sell Mcfadden and give this lad a chance, he will be snapped up this january, Swansea have already turned down an offer of £750 THOUSAND, HE WOULD COME HERE. and A MILLION would get him. ......worth a chance.??????


I think so, and i said so twelve months ago, he started last season after missing the first 6 games with an injury, and still ended up with 27 goals.

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lee trundle is a legend, if anyone watches soccer am they'll see him on the showboat everyweek (with our own JP Kissock gettin in there recently!) though he is a spectacle to watch he isnt exactly a "dedicated" footballer. he loves his booze, and he does weigh about the same as Big Nev! but he does have a great left peg. he could be a premiership player, i think if someone did take a chance on him he'd either make a twit of himself, or get fit and be a wonder!

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Some of the skill he uses on the pitch is totally amazing and right from the Pele/Maradona book of ball skills .


Anyone who hasn't seen the guy play should make sure they catch the next Swansea game on Telly and sit back and be amazed .


I saw one F.A. cup game where the ball was crossed into the siz yard box and where any normal footballer would head it he decided to take the ball on his chest instead and lash a bullet of a voilley home , it was a well classy goal .


I heard that in the past he's buggered up two moves to the premiership ( i think one for Bolton and one for the Baggies ) by missing his trials after a mammoth session on the lash the night before but apparently he's really knuckled down this year and knocked the booze on the head a bit so worth a punt methinks .

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