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X Factor, who gets your vote to win?  

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  1. 1. X Factor, who gets your vote to win?

    • Raymond Quinn (ex-brookside bullied boy)
    • Leona Lewis (the totty!)
    • Ben Mills (long haired one who sings like he has a throat full of phlegm)

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Who gets your vote...like anybody cares...


Thankfully, I am having to work tomorrow on a 12 hour shift from midday to midnight, so I will miss everything about the X Factor...in fact, so far I have missed everything about it!


Now I know, nobody on here is going to waste their pennies on a call, but IF YOU HAD TO, who would you vote for...would you go for the Liverpool based Raymond Quinn, or Leona Lewis or Ben Mills. Incidentally, I got the names off another website! With all the hype on the TV, and radio I was just wondering. Even the Pete Price Phone In on Radio City 96.7 has been banging on about this all week.


Do you vote for the Liverpudlian, the only girl, or a bon-jovi wannabe?


Places your votes now (even if you don't care)



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Leona Lewis makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end when she sings , fook me imagine her doing z-cars hahahah :lol:


Ray was superb singing '' My Way '' last saturday but on the whole cant believe he even made it to the last 3 cos he's sh!te .


Leona to win it if the show has any sort of credibilty at all ( and if she doesnt i swear to christ i will never watch x-factor again ) .

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Although Ray is from Liverpool, I think he burnt many bridges in the city last week when he sang that awful song which the RS like...


"Walk on, with soap up your a*5e, and you'll never walk again"


or something like that away way.


Not that I really care, but after he sang that, Leona was always going to be my choice. How long will it be before the hampster faced little RS sings to all the Norweign fans at Anfield?



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I think it just lost a lot of credibility today.


I dont know whether anybody was listening to Radio Merseyside during the lunchtime phone-in, but it appears that Simon Cowell has offered Ray an album contract, which will be recored in LA in the new year.


What is the point of having a competition to win a record contact, when the runner up gets one too? The point, not to find a genuine unknown talent but more like lining Simon Cowells pocket me thinks!

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