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Sky Tv


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I pay a small fortune for sky every month...and why? I have no idea.


Its absolutely rubbish! The programs are so old, and those which are new are dross.


Something that really gets my goat is I pay for Sky Sports. Its a premium service supposidly as you have to opt for it, but then they have a the frickin audacity to make us pay a fee to watch the decent games on PremPlus! Day light robbery.


I really can see me kicking this lark into touch very shortly.



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I begrudgingly bit bullet. It was 0 football or up to 8 live English games a week in my case.


Agree it is rubbish. Wether its Austra/Fox/Sky all mostly the same just

rebundled for diff markets etc.


of the 50 odd channells I watch 5, skynews,BBc World & the 3 Fox sports channels.


The rest is re runs of crap like Macyver & akin./..Not 4 me.


I do ocassionaly get stuck on the history channel.


The service here holds up well, except when we get torrential monssoonal rain.


Though that doesnt happen very often in a drought stricken region.


Still all the crap should be free & ide happily pay for me footy..

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I still live with the folks and they've just decided to get rid of cable TV cos they watch the same old sh!te over and over again and there is very rarely anything new .


It may be the same old sh!te all the time but its a better selection of same old sh!te than having just 5 channels of sh!te which i affectionatly have dubbed '' Peasant TV '' .


Soft ar5e here is gonna have to shell out for it all on my lonesome now so just to pi55 them off i'll be shelling out for it direct to my room so they dont get a fookin sniff .


That'll teach them when they're havin to watch the Mint , BBC learning zone or some Bollywood epic late on a friday or saturday night .


Ha :P

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does anyones sky picture break up when its windy outside? mine does and it fuckin recks my head, i couldnt watch all the west ham game coz of it and i missed ossies goal :angry: just wondering if anyone elses does it

Yep mine does all to do with the weather me thinks the signal pixelates and well your knackered till it clears


The list above is with sky.. I'd cancel it but the sky+ pause rewind etc. functions are far too handy.

And having a box in my bedroom is very handy too

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Thought if you get kitted out with the WIRELESS thingy, you could recieve it on other TVs in the house. Am i right or wrong. ???

Got 2 for a 100 quid off sky last year very nicely thanks you very much

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