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Beattie And Mcfadden


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yeah - I thought that they both worked well and ran their arses off - both chased the ball alot - was impressed with the partnership in that sense.

However, didn't feel that they had too many chances - although the link up for the BT horrific miss was very good.


Would give them a few more games to see how things transpired. No harm in trying.


Bent was lazy when he came on. He puzzles me - sometimes he is on fire, other times he looks as though he couldn't care less and would rather be at home watching on Sky!

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I agree, though they looked good together up front, you would just like to see them get 3 or 4 goals between them to really get there confidence up, and see how they go from there. Shame one of them didn't have Bent's pace though.


I read in the local paper (Western Mail), who have one of those stats columns and although Everton are fairly dire for shots etc, I read that we have had the most corners in the Prem so far this season. So although we aren't getting the shots in on goal, generally we must be pushing a lot of teams back. It is a bit suprising we haven't scored more goals considering Beattie, Dunc and Cahill have decent heads on them.

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i'd give mcfadden a couple more games if he can play like that. I still dont' rate him but every now and then he shows off that potential that he still has.


he's got to produce though.


VDM wasn't too hot with the corners on sunday, arteta's were good but VDM seemed a bit hesitant, took a couple of bad ones then a few short ones with the aim to cross on the return but then nothing came from them.


some of his crosses look absaloutly class but at other times he's just not produced. I think he's still getting to grips with the pace a little mind and probably still not quite fully fit.

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couldn't make it on sunday bought didn't look to bad on MOTD


must admit from what i did see they looked like they played well together


like mcfadden having a few decent shots from outside the box which i think we have to do a little more as we have made some great approach play all year but we haven't got that poacher in the box (yet)


have always said we have played mcfadden out of position as he is tricky but for me still not a winger needs to get a good run of games and we may see the best of him yet


but we still need another one or two more strikers and at least one in the transfer window whoever might that be

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