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Goodison Park Print


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For me depends on the size and what it's printed on...and who Stuart Herd is! Looks quite nice though. Art is personal though Louis...if you think it's worth £25 then it is, simple really. I'd not be too keen of having his name down the middle, but hopefully that's only to stop people copying it and wouldn't be there on the actual print.

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as above... the number of copies only matters if its someone decent... stuart herd never 'herd' of him...sorry i had to

so to me the 750 in the world doesnt really mean anything


but as above if you feel its worth 25 quid, then it is, thats what art is about. but if you want something that will gain a lot of value, then this probably isnt the best place to start

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the name across diagonally is a watermark. its not on the actual print. ;)


I only came across it thanks to a google image search of Goodison park.



This is your chance to enjoy a view from the stands at Goodison Park. The Everton FC. stadium is captured in minute detail in this hand signed and numbered, limited edition print from an original pen & ink drawing by the artist Stuart Herd.


Please note - This is not a computer enhanced photo print ( like a lot of other stadium art available ) ,this is a direct print from my original drawing.


This piece of artwork is one in the edition of 750.


It is professionally mounted in a " Blue " mount with backing board and wrapped in cellophane. For posting it will be protected to ensure against damage.


Each print comes with a certificate of authenticity which is hand signed and numbered accordingly to your print.


The dimensions mounted approx; - 512mm X 370mm


You will not be disappointed in the high detail of the drawing in your print.


Price £25.00 + P&P: UK £3.50, Europe £4.99, USA & Canada £6.50


This Limited edition series is only available to buy through myself and few galleries I deal with around the U.K.


I've got this one:



It's excellent quality.

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i think you should buy it before i do, if you want it...as i have found it


hwoever i dont like the flags, he puts flags in each picture.... sort of takes away the individuality... also same angle most of the time.... not very personal , not very if oyu get what i mean

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Yeah. I've come around to craccers point of view.. I like the angle on the picture from the top right park end to bottom left gwladys, I like the way it gets the whole stand in but the flags have put me off it. No one has the EFC / St. Georges Flag. The fact that it is black and white makes it look old fashioned and 'classic' but when you look at t he club crest on the flag on the left it's the new design that Peter Johnson copyrighted.


It's put me off it :) I wont bother

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