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Noel Edmonds

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Hello good fellows.

Just posting a lil intro as it seems to be the fashion.

My name is Noel, i'm a popular tv personality and enjoy swimming, cycling, long walks on the beach and phoning my banker. You may recognise me from such programs as House Party, Saturday night live, bill oddies wild west and the ever popular deal or no deal.

Everton 4 Life.



Shout out to my boy CraccerC aka Noel Fieldings love child

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oh you cheesey rat

your lines prior the breaks are disgraceful. what i would give for the chance to slap you again

as for deal or no deal, it was shite after a month and you don't deserve the money

you only get tards on your show 'it's a blue at this stage in the game noel' ... your all a bunch of wankers ... and noel fielding is a great man...a GREAT MAN

but yeh Everton fc for life.... enjoy your stay

Edited by CraccerC
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Welcome Noel, one question though, why the f*ck did you ignore my request for a swop of Simon Says for a realistic vagina with vibro action in 1980, you bunghole?.


Jimmy Savile was no better Mac...asked him to fix it for me to shag Kim Wilde and I got not a fucking word in reply, not an explanation that she was too busy...not even an apology...bastards the lot of them!

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