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Can Anyone Remember...


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A players agent rang up a english club (can't remeber which) and claimed to be a brother (or some relative) of a famous African player and that he had an amazin talent. Anyway this club signed him up only on his first game it became obvious that it was a complete lie and that the player was poo.


Now not much information there, thats because I can't remember anythin other than the backbone of the story and its annoyin the hell out of me.


Can anyone remember this and if so, any details please? :blink:

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Cant remember the players name (surprise) but it happened to Harry Rednapp in his early days at West Ham.

Brought him on as a Sub for one match and lasted about 20 mins and took him off again, can remember Harry Talking about it in an interview once, Saying that it was obviois how he had never played football before, but i couldnt understand how he wouldnt have seen it on the training ground. Never played again, Sent home.

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Twas Souness that signed the player after being tricked into thinking he got rave reviews via someone impersenating George Weah over the phone.


Think the players name was a Daio or sumfin similar & Souness paid 2.5 mill & the lad played just 50 mins after being hauled off after going on early as a sub..


Southampton was the club.


Late Edit= Ali Dia was the Player in Q

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Good story!


this prob happend to us with kroldrup


Kroldrup's still a mystery to me. He's started twelve games (out of eighteen, been on the bench for the rest) for Fiorentina this season. They've overcome starting with a fifteen point penalty and are in fourteenth place, but are the fourth best team in the league on results (won 10, drawn 5, lost 3). So he obviously can play. Be interesting to get the full story one day.

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