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Romey 1878

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Nah, seriously. Take it from a seasoned expert test failer who went to Salford Uni and didn't revise for my first set of exams...(ARGH!)...very very embarrassing!


It's just not worth not revising. All that happens is you fail and have to do it all again. Just do it right the first time.


My advice would be, do revision in small chunks, something like 20 minutes at a time, then have a five or ten minute break. If you carry on for any longer than 20 minutes, it just does not sink in and is not worth your time.


PC off and revision starts.


Good luck :)

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I really wish I had that talent, I would never need to pay for porn again! You could go to an adult shop, flick through a couple of pages and, voila! lmao!


Seriously though, that sounds like a really advantage, but I have never been able to do that. Revision notes and doodles worked for me instead.



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Ive only got two exams, 15th and the 18th, after that no more for my three year course ha! I'm strugling to crack on with revision too thats y im going back to uni a week early were i hope ill concentrate more than at home.


fcssl, did you stay in halls of residance cos im in John Jester court and think its a bit rough round the edges.

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