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24 Season 6 Leaked On Internet


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It seems Fox had already placed these with distributors and retailers with what seems like an arrangement to release a new DVD of 4 episodes after they have aired after the relevant airing times for those regions (Fox - US, Sky - UK etc.)

But the 1st 4 episodes of Season 6 have already been shipped to people arriving on peoples door steps on Saturday morning... from retailers that must have broken the date limit which Fox must wanted to ensure so that they got to air it 1st before it was all over the internet, which the 1st 4 episodes now are...


It'll be interesting to see how Fox and Sky deal with this as obviously they were going to use the ongoing hype of the series to sell dvds, now kind of scuppered by what they must have known would be internet leaks...

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The fact that they are releasing the first 4 eps as one disc is such a rip anyway I mean who is gonna buy it? I hate this kinda things and the endless double hyper mega collectors editions of films that they bring out when there is already 1 version out that everyone owns so that people will pay for the same thing again. :angry:

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