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Following From Droobies Post Re: Everton Web Shop


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I've just had a look around the Everton web store website and to be honest, I'm quite dissappointed with it.


It is a lot better than it was last year, the navigation was truly awful yet I can't help but think it is missing a few tricks.

  • I would like to see a feature where you can select what you can see by how much it will cost.
  • I think it'd be good if it was similar to amazon where it had wishlists and recommendations for example kids could add what they want to a wishlist and the parents could buy it for them. Perhaps also a 'Customers who bought this also bought this' link.
  • There should be free delivery over x amount and/or a free gift when you spend y amount.
  • There's no links to other things Everton 'sell' for example the Brittania saver accounts

They make it confusing on who to contact if you want to email them (as opposed to calling the 0870 number!), they take you to a page of email addresses, which address do you need; marketing, megastore or ecommerce?


There also appears to be a lack of novelty items, I just looked on Barca's website and they have all kinds of wierd and wonderful things, Dog collars, bandanas and corinthian figures.


In my opinion the club should be selling large prints - the kind you see on Bigbluetube and legendsfc signed by the players of days gone by. They're likely to sell for more in the official store than they would on the websites. Signed shirts go for over £150. Also I'd like to see a little model Goodison (I havn't seen one for years) maybe something like a puzz 3d jigsaw of the old lady.. Old Trafford had one made for it. Why not GP?


Also what about these - http://www.wallbangers.co.uk. I'm sure the likes of Claire, Tara and Blue Nose Angel would love a life size Arteta on their wall - and Steve-O too for that matter.


Gift cards/vouchers would a be good addition imo


What about selling things that are officially licensed such as the http://www.toffs.com gear? I went to newcastle for my birthday in March and their club shop is huge and it had loads of licensed things in it (however their website is a lot worse than ours - it looks like a jumble sale).


Bust most importantly, the website should be on shopping robots like froogle, kelkoo, pricerunner etc. Currently they are not listed anywhere so if somebody types in Everton in one of those (and many people do) then the club are missing out because their stock won't be displayed.



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been on that wallbangers before louis, they dont do Everton ones do they?apparently theyve got to run round asking the clubs for licenses and it takes months to do,its on there somewhere that some people have actually got quite abusive over not having their respective teams there

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