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The only people who would consider the wrist straps faulty are total retards. Anyone who has ever played any kind of game and given it to their dad to have a go will know what I mean. With the wild accentuated movements and the convulsions of the entire body when they want to turn right or left for example. Anyone who has played games at all knows for the wii you only have to swing it gently to mimic the action of whatever you are trying to do, the people who are having problems with the wrist straps snapping are the ones who have been doing over the top swings on wii baseball for example and ffs does it seem like a clever idea to let go of the actual remote when you perform one of these actions NO that is why people are breaking straps because they aren't using it properly. Nintendo just offered new stronger straps to placate these total imbeciles there is nothing wrong with the actual straps it is just people not using it as instructed :)

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I managed to get one about 10 days ago for my DAD.


He wanted one and i didn't have the money so he got it. Which is good as got to try it before getting it my self.


Wii Sports is a great laugh was playing it on Saturday night with 3 of us til about 1 in the morning.


he also got that new Wario game which is not that bad.


How good is Zelda cos the only reason I want one is cos Zelda is on there. What the actions like and do you have swing a lot or is that only a small part of the game and is it true that you have to use a bow and arrow and if so how does that work with the controller

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zeldas boss mate, actions are good but you dont need to turn the controler to move him just use the nukchuck anologe. not used a bow and arrow yet, used a sword and fishing rod haha there good. good game to get

i prefer call of duty meself, takes some gettin used to but then its fuckin fantastic lol

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In terms of a non-sarcastic answer to your answer Steve-O a version of fifa will inevitably come out on it at some point EA have already released a version of Madden on it and they are releasing Tiger Woods on it in March I think. So I think that when Fifa 08 comes out there will be a wii version. Most games that will be cross platform will prob get made on the wii albeit in some kind of cut down form. Call of Duty 3 for example is out on the 360 and will be out on the PS3 too, however a version of Call of Duty 3 has been released on the Wii it has worse gfx than the other platforms but you have the unique control so I guess you pays your money you choose your console and you takes your chances.

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The wii is supposedly about as powerful as the original Xbox so expect games to look about on par or slightly better than PS2 but not as good as 360 or PS3 but yeah you are right it's not what it is about. I may get one when they release some more decent games and I get some money and they aren't like gold dust but for now 360 is more than good enough.

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