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Half Marathon


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Im running the Liverpool half marathon in March


Started training a few weeks ago


Did a 1 1/2 hour run today


My legs feel like they are going to fall off, but red wine is numbing the pain


Am I a mentalist?


Has anyone ran this sort of distance or longer and could give me any tips I would be most grateful

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Ran a big half marathon in Reading fair few years ago now Zed....barmaid in my local who I lusted after big time was doing it so I said "Yea no problem B) ." Bloody woman left her job shortly after but as all me mates were pissing themselves laughing at me for saying I could do it I had to follow through. Did very little training but was carried by the crowd for the first ten miles (amazing the boost it gives you), on memory the next two and severe agony for the last one and a bit. Came 4,485th (stuck in my mind) out of about 10,000 in just under two hours. Hell of a buzz but I couldn't walk for days....promised Josh we'll do London together when he's old enough....hopefully he'll forget :D !

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I'm in the draw for this years Great North Run, I'll find out by 11th February if I have a place or not.


Never run more than 7 miles before but I'v always fancied a test so I decided to run it for the Motor Neurone Association as my nan passed away from it a couple of years ago and its still one of those conditions they know very little about.


The run is on 30th September this year which just happens to be my birthday so I can smell a feckin big piss up in Newcastle after if my legs can handle it :D

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Back when I did Reading it was on a Sunday morning in the days of 2.00pm closing time. Me and my mate drove like lunatics (actually he drove and I hung on) to get back to our local before closing...neither of us had a watch so we weren't sure we'd made it in time. Told him to pull up outside, I'd go in and get in a couple of pints each while he parked the car....so he screamed to a halt and I jumped out, my legs gave way beneath me :lol: , there was just no feeling in them at all so I crawled in through the door to fucking huge laughter from all my mates (and everyone else in there it seemed), but most importantly I made it in time :P . Two of the finest pints I ever drunk B) .

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