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Trick Question


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I got the answer but came up with it for a different reason.


I thought the same reason as Everton lad, so technically you are right as you had said 1990 ;). As the Cold War did indeed end in 1990, I said 1990 as some people think that the Cold War was an extension of the Second World War although there are many who disagree with that.

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i was taught that the "cold war" was a different "war" but i know why people would say its just an extension and i agree with that. i had a lucky guess with that answer haha


I disagree with the people says its an extension of the World War 2 but can see why people think that :)


Either way, we got the right answer for the wrong reasons but he only asked when it ended and not why it was that date ;):P

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Cold war wasn't an extension of World War II at all so that can't be the reason. WW2 ended on September 9th 1945 when the Japanese troops based in China formally surrendered.


Don't understand the "trick" in the question :blink: .


I know, but some people think that it is an extension of World War II. I'm not saying it is, just thats where I got my answer 1990 from.


Its a trick question as people know that the war ended in 1945. However it technically ended with the reunification of East and West Germany after Germany had been divided after the World War II. (I think) these two became more divided than ever after Russia got involved (beginning of the Cold War?) and (I think) were still seen as 'conflicting' with each other (not in fighting but still argued and didn't trust each other, East was German and West were the old Allies). Well something like that.


Anyway, this is all what I can remember from my history days. Hopefully bluenose can clear things up for all of us :)

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