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Collina to ref the blues on Wednesday


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I for one think that this is great news, a strong ref who is not kidded by the foreign diving and play acting that villareal used in the first leg to kill the game when they were under the cosh.


I don't think he will blow up every time their keeper hits the deck. It seems like we were penalised in the first leg just cos the keeper was small.


Well pleased, couldn't have asked for a better ref in a game where the home fans will try and influence decisions from our physical but fair style of play. Having Phil Neville as a recognised face will go well too.

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I think the big miss for the game on Wednesday is if Bent is not playing.


I thought just after he scored his goal his confidence improved a lot and was making the runs behind the defence. Haven't got anyone else on the team (striker) that can do that


Just hope that bent is fit for the game and if so would play Bent up front and go back to a 451 formation to weather the early storm of Villareal.


great news about the ref though

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Gotta go for the jugular, still play 5 in midfield and give TC a free role to cause as much mayhem as possible.


To start.


Nige, Hibbo, Yobo, Weir, Neville, Osman, Arteta, TC, Davies, Kilbane, Duncan


gonna be tough but if we hit them with everything and get an early goal then who knows... just do not concede.


Great that Joey had a good game yesterday, confidence player who will need to be on his game.

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its a proud moment when you hear pierluigi collina is officiating a game that EFC are playing in , it goes to show that we are moving in the right direction and long may it continue !!!!


a few signings wouldn't go a miss though !!! were looking a bit threadbare at the mo

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I don't think that anything will happen til after the game to be honest in signing wise.



i think your right Adam mate , but as long as something does happens after the game i'll be happy even if its just squad players , i heard the other day that ian harte wants to come back to the prem he would do for me at left back

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