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hi guys.. i know this may be against the forum rules.. but im not too sure..


anyways on topic.. there is this forum which is better and has all football talks.. and more active users.. if u guys join there will be more users.. u can have avatars, signatures, titles, earn ess cash, items for inventory like cars.. and much more.. its pretty fun.. the crowd is nice.. so spread it around so more true blue's can join.. please do it.. its a really nice forum.. [spam]


please join.. u can talk about lots of stuff there... anything actualy.. and there are prediction games.. and cool stff


please join.. it'll be nice to have u there..

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Didnt take you for a spammer samvid. if that forum is so good why do you waste your time coming on this one. ;)



PS...aah i know now, i noticed all those topics you've started on that site have all come from this forum.

This is the good forum that you are trying to duplicate over there.


Give it a rest Mate. :angry:

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