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Does Anyone Know About


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My Mot runs out on 8th March and forgot to book it into my garage for a new one.


Found outmy garage can't fit it in til next Tuesday 13th March.


Does anyone know if you get a little extra time like you used to get with the car tax of now that it is all done on computer that they will either try to take my car away or send me a fine for not having an mot for 5 days


Cheers for any info

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Officially you dont get any time on your M O T, if your certificate is out of date the car is deemed unroadworthy, until you get the next one.

Having said that, if your tax and insurance is in order you should be OK, cos if you get stopped all they want to see is tax and insurance.


PS.......THE REASON THERE IS A BACKLOG ON MOTs........... its all done on computor now so you will show up as not having an MOT, get in ASAP. ;)

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if you have it booked in then you should be ok, just make sure you have an documents on you, insurance and previous mot cert as well.


the computer system is a good one now, but they know you dont have an mot if they check, but your mechanic might have put your booking on his sytem which may also show up, keeping you fairly clear

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Cheers for that guys.


I managed, after around 6 phone calls, to get the car into a garage for mot on Thursday. So hopefully it will pass and not have to worry.


Once again cheers.


Teach me for not checking ealier when it ran out

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