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What We Need..


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Just searching the attic to dig out decorations and came across this picture..a still from Laurence Olivier's Henry V...




..that's what we need I thought, a bit of Agincourt spirit.."Once more into the breach.." and all that. So I thought I'd post it.


(Nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that the "dead" young lad being held is none other than my fifteen year old dad :angry: )

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So you mean he was 15 when you was born or you are 15 or that he was 15 when the photo was taken and none of the above  :D


15 when the film was made in 1944, I was born a little later..my Grandma was a film extra (went down on the pretend Titanic) and they were short of a lad to be killed by the nasty French soldiers, so dad got burnt in a tent.. :D

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