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Have A Go.....


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This is something I have only come across recently, a lovely little game which is so simple, yet devilishly difficult.


If I were to write..... 12 D of C = Twelve days of Christmas


The following can be filled in at your own leisure, cut off date is one week from now, and the prize?.


Bragging rights over all the other numpties.


Are we sitting comfortably?, then we will begin, cut and paste at will.


7 D S


10 C


365 D I A Y


56,000,000 P I GB


5 C O T T V


60 S I A M


13 I A B D


1 I A M


20 T I T P L


366 D I A L Y


5 T O E F


15 P I A R U T


14 P I A S


3 L P


101 D



Good luck.





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7 D S - s meant to be w? 7 days weekly


10 C - 10 centeries


365 D I A Y - 365 days in a year


56,000,000 P I GB - 56,000,000 people ive gangbanged :P:lol: people in greatbritain


did not know anymore lol there my guesses anyway

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Thought about Ignoring it but if i wait until everybody else has had a go, no point in me having a go.

Have left one for somebody else to have a go at.




7......... Deadly sins


10....... Commandments


365..... Days in a year


56.000.000.. People in great britain


5........Channels on terrestial television


60...... Seconds in a minute


13......In a bakers dozen


1........In a million


20......Teams in the premier league


366.....Days in a leap year


5....... Toes on each foot


15...... Players in a rugby union team


14..... Pounds in a stone


3....... ?


101..... Dalmations

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Bill, your ability to solve puzzles is only surpassed by your ability to beat my wife in the arcade, all but one mate.


The prize is yours, may I offer you my unconditional respect and everlasting devotion.





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Excuse me butting in Mac...just upping the difficulty a notch...


4 F on a P


13 W in a C


6 S on the A F


36 B K on a P


40 D and N of the G F


24 C in S G


50 W to L Y L (PS)


21 S in a G


21 D in T W


2 H on a C


147 M B in S


47 P P in E E


...and if you gat the last one Bill (or anyone) I'll be mighty impressed!

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