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As a footballing spectacle, the game yesterday was awful. Both teams employing the 'lump it to the big man' game plan. However, i now sit here really optimistic about our forthcoming fixtures. When being involved in rather dull games it is crucial that we scrap and fight for the win. Which we deservedly got !! Those 3 points, against a team who were in and around us last year, could prove vital in our quest for high league positioning come the beginning of May.

If we take the confidence from the Bolton game into to the Villareal game, i reckon we might just upset the critics, most notably a certain radio commentator who writes for the Irish Examiner !!


Come on you Blues !!

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too right!


it would be fantastoc to get into the group stage for 2 reasons:


1. Playing the best teams europe has to offer will only make us stronger for our league campaign, as we willl (HOPEFULLY) learn a different dimension to our game


2. How good would it be for 'over-acheiving' Everton to be there...........the more you right us off, the more we perform...........criticise at your peril Mr Green



Cheers for the welcome, been looking for a decent forum to join,, this fitted the bill !

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Welcome Faceman and might i add that i agree totaly with everything you have said!!! Who gives a flying f#ck what yesterdays game was like how many teams will leave the Reebok stadium with all 3 points???(not many)


Im delighted not just at the win itself but the confidence boost it will give to those involved!! We outplayed the Manure for most of the game and Villareal who scored what has to be said 2 fantstic goals! Luck plays a big part in games like that and they scored 2 goals that on any other night wouldn't have gone in!!


We have nothing to fear or lose, last year everyone said we would be playing in the championship never mind the champions league, as long as we give 100% i'll still be really proud to support the blues :rolleyes:


And as for the likes of a certain journalist keep knockin us Mr Green you tw@t it only serves to make us a stronger team :lol:


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Yeh welcome to the site Face-Man and good first post .


Would love to see us bag an early goal in Villa to silence the crowd and give the men in Blue the belief that we can actually get through to the next round .


Pity i'am stuck in work on Wednesday night so i'll have to get it taped and make sure i avoid the score like the plague until i get home .


COYB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rolleyes:

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