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Barton Linked, Again.

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EVERTON may be the first club to offer Joey Barton a way out of Manchester City.


David Moyes is a long- term admirer and is understood to be ready to resurrect his interest in the 24-year-old Blues midfielder as soon as it becomes clear if City intend to sell following the fight with Ousmane Dabo on Tuesday.


City boss Stuart Pearce and the board will hold their own inquiry into the bust-up on the training ground that led Dabo to need hospital treatment and then threaten legal action.


Barton was immediately suspended by City from the last two games of the season and left the country.


It seems clear that his own team-mates as well as the club have finally lost patience with the England international, though one eminent City season-ticket holder believes that the Blues should not yet give up on the troubled player.


Professor Cary Cooper believes that Barton could yet make a fine captain and has the same will to win that made David Beckham, Eric Cantona and Stuart Pearce so successful.




Professor Cooper, professor of Occupational Psychology and Health at Lancaster University, condemned the midfielder's bust-up but believes Barton may be the type of player who flourishes with extra responsibility - if he controls his temper.


“I think he’s wonderful,” City fan Professor Cooper said. “I would be very upset if he left and I think the fans would be too, even though they don’t condone his behaviour.


“We can do something about it. There are people who can help him to channel that behaviour in a more constructive way.


“The most passionate, committed people in the game are like pressure cookers. Barton is one such player.


“They care about the game, and sometimes it’s difficult to control that passion. You do things you wouldn’t do if you had time to reflect. For these people, football is more than a job.


“If they see others who are not delivering, they become agitated. It’s a visceral reaction.


“What you have to do is get people to recognise the warning signs before they boil over and teach them to channel their aggression in a more constructive way. You can be trained to recognise what makes you see red.”


If Barton – as seems most likely – does go, then newly-promoted Sunderland may also be in the hunt, along with Spurs and Newcastle. The player has a £5.5m escape clause written into his contract.

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Good read...


if only DM can mould him would be fine...but if he dares to raise a finger on any of our exisiting players like what he did in Man City would be a major setback to this wonderful team.....he seems like a little Roy Keane to me...

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Wasn't buying Kroldrup a risk?......likewise VDM!The same could be said for Cahill and Lescott!

If we don't buy him and he goes to Newcastle etc one of two things will happen,he will either go

on to become an international player and his price will double or he will burn out in a blaze of

publicity!........I don't think given a choice of teams he will choose Everton!too much history.

If we do get him,he will be no worse than Kroldrup and no better than Arteta.

Bellamy proved you never really change when the rs bought him!he'll be gone in the summer.

But they will just about get their money back...so worth the risk!maybe.

If Barton comes and we sell him on within a short space of time we'd still probably get £3million.

So maybe a couple of £million is worth the risk......that he could turn out to be a top player.


David Moyes over to you!

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The England international is currently suspended by City after a training-ground incident involving team-mate Ousmane Dabo which could yet result in police action.


Barton's agent Willie McKay has already claimed City would be willing to let the 24-year-old leave Eastlands if a prospective buyer met the £5.5million asking price which would trigger talks under the terms of his present contract.


And, while Blues boss Stuart Pearce refused to speculate on whether Barton would be staying or not, he confirmed a meeting had been arranged.


"We will be speaking to the player and his agent on Tuesday," confirmed Pearce.


If, as expected, Barton does eventually leave, he could be accompanied by former skipper Sylvain Distin, who is out of contract in the summer and has already attracted the attention of Portsmouth manager Harry Redknapp.


Pearce claimed he was "hopeful" rather than confident of Distin staying with the club, although he did confirm up to eight players would be leaving.


Among them are Trevor Sinclair, whose departure was revealed on Thursday, and young full-back Stephen Jordan, who has also been informed his contract will not be renewed.

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A good think about the Barton's transfer is that it will be done quickly in my opinion - Moyes will get a chance to talk to him very soon, and make his choice. I don't think its going to be a long drawn out deal.


I am sure Barton's future will be sorted out by mid June at the latest.


We all know the pro's and con's of signing Barton - he's a very good player, and if it wasn't for his attitude he would be a lot lot more that £5.5M quid.


Te only way to find out if he can knuckle and become a great player - sign him, now whether Everton are the club that take this chance will be down to Moyes. If he comes to Everton, then in my opinion the slate is clean - and its how he conducts himself while at Goodison that bothers me.


That proffessor made a lot of good points - I am sure a lot of city fans don't want to see him go, becasue he is a good footballer and gives it all on the pitch - I am sure to a degree they are behind him when he has a go at the slackers at Man City. (although went a bit far when giving that fella a good hiding)


If its being around money grabbing slackers and player that don't care that winds the lad up - I am sure he will not find this a problem at Goodison under Moyes.


As opposed to some suggestings that he may spoil the togetherness at Everton, it could equally be an environment in which he would thrive.


I am all for bringing Barton to the club - You can always sell if it doesn't works out, but if it does work out then that could well be £5.5M well spent

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If we don't buy him and he goes to Newcastle etc one of two things will happen,he will either go

on to become an international player and his price will double or he will burn out in a blaze of



Look at Scot Parker, supposidly the next big star turned us down for Newcastle and he has done what...? Let Newcastle have Barton, they will need him after Owen does a bunk this summer....

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i think if we cant tie down manny then i think Barton would be the next best choice. i would still like to try and sign sidwell to increase the squad only if his wages are right because we will need good rotation in the midfield if we are to stand any chance to get a decent league position and do well in europe

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i think sidwell will most probably end up at man utd (taking over scholes mantle). but i think sidwell would benefit from coming from coming to a club like us or the barcodes or spurs. i think he would benefit from stepping up to the next level rather than going to the likes of chelski or arsenal.


but at the end of the day if the money is put on the table then who wouldn't turn it down

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Imagine...we signed Barton....he had pre-season with us, then he was summoned to court for his actions in ManCity... and now we are about to play our first Europen game and he was sentenced to serve a jail term....What would the mood be in the camp? .It would be too disruptive in Everton camp for sure......we do not want another problematic VDM in the camp...!!

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Sam Allardyce will sign a £13m deal to manage Newcastle and then, with the ink still drying, make a £5m bid for Manchester City bad boy Joey Barton. (The People)


Go for it Sam!!! Take him to the players graveyard that is St James's Park :D !

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