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We satnd no chance at all because...


a...the song is complete shite. It might have got a few votes in 1976 but the contest has since then moved on to new levels of insanity.


b...even if it was a good song nobody but the Irish would vote for it because everyone else in Europe hates us :lol: .

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Recall our troops from the Middle East, set up an invasion force and march across Europe and show these cheating foriegn arseholes what it is to taste British steel.


We could cut a swathe through the heart of the most insidious and deviant Continent on the planet.


I am not so upset at the fact we will get Nil Points, but the fact this back slapping is so damned obvious.


Anyone else noticed these cunts are speaking English and some sang in English, Kill em all and let God sort them out.


Love and Peace



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what a waste of my life. good thing apocalyptica were on other wise i would have hung myself in embarressment.


ukiraine were favourites.................................................... why?


we were shite as usual and the worst thing is the majority of the tone deaf in this country voted for them. finland again IMO deserved to win.

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i was in the pub watchin that pile of wank i forgot that it was on if i knew i wouldnt of gone.


we got 19 points in the end.


"i want us to get 0 just so we never see that lame attempt of a band again. EVER.

FFS, why dont the UK get a real "band/artsit"


we never learn from our mistakes look at gemini in 2003 0 points so we get another gay pop group


look at finland with lordi that is wot we should be aiming for


well anyone who plays instruments should win

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