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Are We A Side Out Of Form? Maybe Not


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We have had a very very poor start - but I think we all know the squad is much better than the result we have had as we have given both man U, Chelsea and Villareal good games this season. We just need that consistency and that second decent player up front to kick on in the second half of the season.


We have had a nightmare start, but yet half way through the season we are only 3 point from mid table. You could also argue we are only 6 point ahead of Portsmouth and the relegation zone, but consider the fact we were rock bottom of the table at the end of September with 3 point, we are definately moving in the right direction.


In the last 13 games we have taken 20 points. (multiply that up for a 38 game season would give us 58.5 point (we finished on 61 last term). Middlesbrough got there UEFA cup place of 55 points.


We may not be firing on all cylinders yet but we may not be as bad as we think.

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No, I am not saying we could get a Euro place (we f8ck that chance up in the first 8-9 games).


I am just saying form wise, over the past 13 games Everton are a top 8 rather than bottom 5 side, with out playing to what most of us consider our true potential.

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Yeh many of us did predict mid table - Top 10 etc. Perhaps the succes has raised expectation (as it does).


But the realists expected a tuff campaign.


However 2 or 3 bad results our way & we would still be contemplating a late Euro (uefa) chrarge...2 late now ?..Perhaps?


Bolton came form near nowhere late last term..after a wobbly middle.

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I think both Spurs and Bolton had poor 10 or so games run without a win, then went on blinding runs.


Not saying we will go on a blinding run or anyhting like that, just that other than the top 3 or 4 teams and perhaps one or two right at the bottom, there is VERY little between the rest of us.


Even half way through a season there are only 6 point between a team battling for a UEFA place in 9th (Man City - 28 points) and a team close to the relegation zone in 16th (Middlesbrough - 22 points)


Its a fairly even in the middle of the table and you also get te feeling there is more to come from our team, and we have the players in the squad that are capable of the pushing the team on. Rather than seasons gone by when you look at the squad and thought 17th will do me come May.

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