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We Will Sign More Players B4 The Season Starts....

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At least this is an assuring statement from the club... :)


"Everton fans have been reassured the Blues' squad will be bolstered further before the closure of the transfer window on August 31.


The Blues are set to complete the signing of South African international Steven Pienaar from Dortmund on a season-long loan early next week, subject to a work permit application being successful.


He would become the second major summer acquisition following the arrival of Phil Jagielka from Sheffield United.


But chief executive Keith Wyness has stressed there will be more - and that the Blues are working tirelessly to ensure the squad is of a sufficient size for the 2007/08 campaign.


He said: "Some transfer windows develop early, some develop late. We will have the bodies and the faces in before the start of the season. We are very active in a lot of things behind the scenes."


Wyness also believes the high-spending that has taken place at a number of clubs during the summer is not the sign of a new dramatic trend in Premiership spending.


He added: "It is going to be an exciting season and probably the most competitive season in the league's history. A lot of clubs have strengthened in different ways with new ownership. There has been an inflated value on some of the transfers.


"I believe we have a value of a good player, what we consider a fair value, and we will not go above that. There is no doubt new stores of cash have made inflation happen. There has also been a rush of blood from new owners but I am sure things will settle back down."


Source: http://www.evertonfc.com/news/archive/blue...w-arrivals.html


This bold statement makes me wonder who else are in the pipeline.......hmmmmm.....

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Wyness is bound to say this, but I'm hoping he is telling us the truth because it would be good to wake up one morning and find we have signed players out of the blue (no pun intended)



Hahaha...spot on mate...thats why i check the official site even at 4AM due to my time difference with the hope that we would have signed some stars!! Phew!

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As much as I would like to see a new striker join with JV injured I would rather they add to other areas first like down the left hand side.


If they spent 5m on a striker and didn't have the money to bring in a wide left player I would not be happy.


Bring a striker in on loan or on a free transfer (or take a gamble on the lower league) but not at the expense from another position that is needed more.


i was all for Nugent to sign but at the end of the day we do have AJ, BT, Victor, and what ever the new young guy is.


I still beleive that we need a new striker but would rather add other areas first

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This is the reassuring statement that fans needed weeks ago...it is good to hear but without anything to show for it I am still dubious to what is going on. A loan signing, free transfer and £4m is not the best transfer activity for such an important season.


Sorry, who was the free transfer? Have I missed a signing?


(Not being arsey, by the way!)

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I think that the loan market is the best way really.


No large initial payment and can try before buy.


Also secures our future\pays off debts if the club can put cash saved by not panic buying into academy and loan repayments.


As much as I'd like us to go buy 3 or 4 quality players it isn't really going to happen.

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As much as I'd like us to go buy 3 or 4 quality players it isn't really going to happen.


Yes but that is the problem. We are launching a European campaign this season, this should be the season we become European regulars and build & move the club forward. Instead the board are so concerned with moving ground that the team/transfers are suffering.


Jagielka is a permanent signing but he is not going to set the Premiership/Europe alight instead he is going to be a reliable and solid performer...


On the other hand, lets just hope the players we have stay injury free (Howard, Arteta, Cahill, Johnson, Anchiebe) as I see them as being the key players for us this season.

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We were linked with Brede last season but reports saying that Newcastle after him now.


Don't worry folks we looking at signing someone.




So that could be a loan signings a 4m signing and also a under 20 player


Ahmed Yahiaoui?


He was class in Championship Manager 03/04.


Braaten was also good in CM03/04.


Anyone think someone bought Moyes a copy?

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Not quite sure on this but according to this DM is now saying he is happy with his squad.




However when you read it can't work out where it says that.


Most prob true though.


We have been through the motions.


We want more players.


there is no one out there who we have to pay to get


Our squad is good enough


We trying to bring in players


and now if we have what we have we will manage as its a good group of lads.

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Thought we where linked with Brede Haagland, as well as Vogel. ??


And the Swedish winger Wilhelmson who has just signed for Bolton for £2m. :mellow:



And the best thing Licker is that Wilhelmson has joined on loan for the season first before making the deal perm. Good bit of business there.


Am sure Everton will do something better

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wyness said.....


we will sign more players before the season starts





evertime we go for a player all the club has to do to send us away is say the price is over 4 million and we wimper away.


So as Jags was a one off due to the relegation choping down on his price tag pienarr loan


were left with not many options in our price tag so its all down to free transferes


and another thing.........


end of last transfere window: kilbane out(2 million) january: davies out (2.5) this transfere window(1 million)


so really we have spent non of the clubs funds, if anything we should have a spare 1.5 but realisticly should have another 7 or 8 million to throw on top of that atleast.




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