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Away Tickets- Bolton Any1 Help Lol

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alrite im wanting to go to the bolton vs. everton away game.

Looked on the offical site an it says 8 away stubs from last season

i didnt go to any away games last year, ive got a season ticket an go to all the home games

jus wonderin is the only way to get to the game is throught the 8 away stubs or can i do suthin else?


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as of next season you wont need away stubs, all will be logged on the system under your client number.


the stubs system is fair and has worked for decades. some fellas havent missed an away game for years, it wouldnt be fair if you got a ticket for a "better" away game because you own a season ticket. ive had a season ticket for 5 years now, and i find the best way to get an away ticket is to buy a share in everton.

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left hand side of the key board, three keys up. caps lock. hit it.


its got nothing to do with having a season ticket, its loyalty.

if you want to start going to away games then get to the less popular ones, newcastle, sunderland, boro, lague cup games, any you can get your hands on. then nexct season you'll have maybe 5 away stubs, then that should get you into the second phase of ticket sales (first is normally 8, second 4, third 2) then the season after you will have maybe 10 stubbs. then you get to pretty much any away game you like.

the same will apply for europe.


after next season instead of actually saving your stubs you will have a client history of all the games you've been to, home, away, season ticket, cup. will not be easier, but will be more efficient/effective.

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It will drop every few games just keep track by the net or phone.


This new system comming is is gona fuck me right up cos I go with a private supporters club meaning I dont personally get credit for any of the away games I go to, 12 last season and all of this seasons so far!


It'll be ok as long as I keep going with the same coach but should it stop or I have to stop going on it for any reason I'll have no credit on my account :(

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