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Bradley: Echo Won't Print Pro-loop Articles


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Also nicked these posts from another forum:


The meeting confirmed to me that The Loop is most definitely doable.


Goodison can be redeveloped steadily at minimum cost to Everton.


There are other sites within the city boundaries that could be used.


Regarding Goodison Trevor Skempton stood up and told us that the "Park End could be knocked down and rebuilt giving us a capacity of near 50,000 at no cost to Everton FC. The rest of the stadium could be rebuilt in time as and when Everton progress as a club."


This is exactly what should have been happening over the course of the last 40 years. If it wasn't so sad it would be laughable that the club are telling it is soon going to be unsafe! The cheeky tw@ts, it's the way it is now because they've let this happen. One lego stand is the sum total of Everton's ground redevelopment in nearly 40 fookin years!


Trevor Skempton also mentioned The Loop, he is currently working on contract for Grosvenor and suggests that Grosvenor would indeed welcome the club in the loop rather than oppose us. He also said that should planning permission be granted, there would be absolutely no problems in getting a football stadium there, 48,000 initially that could easily be extended to over 60,000. Seemingly because Everton haven't got a pot to piss in and Kenwright wont let go of the club. The only way to initialise this is for enablers to come in. Enablers WOULD appear, but as Trevor Skempton confirmed, this only happens when planning permission is granted. There was a representative from Bestway there who confirmed that Hoksport have done an 18 page report on this and The Loop is a viable option.


It was mentioned by Warren Bradley that other sites where available too, should Everton want them. I think he said one at Edge Lane and one at Long Lane. Some lad from the audience made a point about the Park at Netherfield Rd that doesn't come under any covenants as it is a new park and Warren said he'd look in to it.


My thoughts of it all........Ideally 100% I would love to stay at Goodison, the home of Everton FC. But I accept that that is not the opinion of every supporter. I am a traditionalist, but not everyone else is. Having a pint before the game is very important to me too, it's my day out with my mates.


Most of the younger supporters want a shiney new stadium and don't give a fook where it is, hence their Yes vote. If Hoksport/Bestway had been afforded the time that was given to Tesco, there would have been 100% turn out and 100% vote for The Loop, no doubt a fooking bout it.


So this in my opinion is the avenue we have to look down. The Loop Stadium would be right on the world famous Liverpool skyline. It would be in the heart of Everton, there would be no transport issues and from the social side of it a few minutes walk in to the city centre. As said Trevor Skempton is working currently for Grosvenor and he told us that when Grosvenor set up a project, they look at the location regarding potential customers. they see Liverpool City centre as having a potential customer base of 4.7m people. He said Grosvenor would not consider Kirkby for any business ventures...that in itself tells you Kirkby is commecial suicide.


Today for me is a sad day. After sleeping on this, I firmly believe that to stay within the City, one of 2 things has to happen...


1. Bill Kenwright sells up (and we could stay at Goodison and redevelop, which is what should happening) But he wont sell, he is indeed a tw@t who is in it for Bill Kenwright and nobody else.


2. Everyone support the Loop site (and do our damnest to make this happen. You could see the division yesterday, too many choices, too many plan B's, everyone wanting the best for the club. But we have to have one target and I believe that one target has to be the loop, it will be acceptable to virtually every Evertonian)


Bill's not going to sell lads....we have to support the Loop 100% in my opinion


To all that turned out........a very big thanks. Everyone of you has my total respect

The Edge Lane thing seem to be getting forced by Joe Anderson. None starter for me.


The club should be looking to people like Trevor Skempton. With his background and experience I don't think moving would ever come into it.


It was nice to finally hear both Joe Anderson and Warren Bradley confirm that land uptake around Goodison would not be a problem if the will was there from the club.


A lot of myths put to bed yesterday with regards to Goodison and how it very doable....something we always knew anyway.


Focus is the key from now. KEIOC need to decide just what the number one option is and move that forward.


Good turnout yesterday and I thank KEIOC for running a great meeting lovely to see some real Evertonian passion on display.



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I went past the loop site today on the bus and then i started wondering, how do you get to it?


you went past it on the bus, that suggests to me that you get to it by road, and maybe, just maybe, you could get the buss there


(sorry for the sarcasm, just dont see what your asking)

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you went past it on the bus, that suggests to me that you get to it by road, and maybe, just maybe, you could get the buss there


(sorry for the sarcasm, just dont see what your asking)


The Entrance to the Wallasy Tunnel is right there there was no obvious way to actually Get INTO the site from scotland road.


there's a bridge over the tunnel access road to it. It runs in paralell with scotland road.


which is the answer i'm looking for.

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